A Hall of Fame for all the artists and movements that has inspired me.
Alphonse Mucha- The world renowned Czech Art Noveau painter and decorative artist. Known for his distinct (and widely copied) style, Mucha's influence on future generations of artist was tremendous including yours truly!  
Jessica Hische- American lettering artist. Mrs. Hische has an amazingly versatile and elegant style. Her Penguin Dropcaps series are simply gorgeous!
Marian Bantjes- Canadian graphic designer and lettering artist. Her work has led me to the believe in the power of ornaments in contemporary graphic design. 
Noriyoshi Ohrai- Japanese painter and illustrator. Mr.Noriyoshi produced many iconic film posters for the Star Wars and Godzilla franchise.  
Massimo and Lella Vignelli- Legendary Italian Modernist graphic designers, teachers, and power couple. Designed the NYC subway signage, a ubiquitous sight for any New Yorker.
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